Brightstems is a product based organization specialized in mindful and wellness programs. Our solutions are targeted to help individuals and groups with their professional/personal challenges. Our goal is to leverage the latest technologies to bring our practices to computers, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices; make it easy for our customers to access them anywhere anytime.

Our vision is to build a unique product line that can automatically customize the natural practices to help address the day to day professional as well as personal challenges. The automated solution backed by our concept of "Eastern Wisdom" shall empower individuals and groups to leverage our practices "on the go".

We believe in human power and the strength of their minds. By enriching the minds through natural methods, we will be able to build a sustainable ecosystem of communities that flourish peace and friendship. The root cause of several issues in the modern world is due to the use of alternatives to the natural methods that lead to addiction. Our methods and practices will bring the pace to use natural methods. 



“I am now more relaxed and less irritated; I learned the practices that can be applied in daily life. Worth the time used in the sessions- more practices and not just the theories.”
- XXX 04/04/2017

“We learned to calm our mind, and body to relax. It helped to get rid of stress in life. I would like to learn more”
- Chuck 04/04/2017

“Very helpful and is helping me with daily stress.”
- Shaw

“A non-invasive practice and therapy capable of relieving tension and prevent stress. It has no side effect.”
- Bolanee

“Calm and relaxed. I now know how to relax. You are the best…………………"

“Helped me to control my mind. I want more practices on Shanti Meditation”
- Maryse.